mobile holiday island, wind wave and solar powered

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Synergy cruise island,

Hereby we declare war on all states of the world, and make yourselfs no illusions we WILL win!

The Senergy cruise will depart from:
– Hamburg              boston tokyo Suez
– Rotterdam NY
– Le Havre boltimore
– South Hampton
– Bill Bao
– Lisbon
– Casablanca
– Amazon
– Orinoco
– Congo
– Caraiben

Electric Engines + giant battery pack just above the water line and are cooled by tubes*
* water floats through tubes and generate energy.
Solar PV sheets

luxury landing crafts
staff quarters for those who and so earn there passage
markets, shopping centers
farm, vegetables animals, food production;
captain is always from farmers caste (SL custom).
food forest, orchards

beaches, fresh water, salty.
surfing on forced waves
water ski (on hydraulic arms)
climbing wall with waterfall risk
whale spotting
pirate hunting
fruit picking
parks, forests
fish watching lounge
excursions by river to jungle villages
voluntary work, like park rangers
2 km high gyroscopic observatory globe

Old airplanes, crushed cars in concrete,

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