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Trees for Credit: Integrating Environment Sustainability, Livelihoods and Development

The model has been experimented with a Women Self Help Group named “Aiswarya Dhanswaroopini Kudumbasree Ayalkoottam” at Thalavadi Grama Panchayat in Kuttanadu, Kerala. By the end of 2009, the group was given training on environmental issues and importance of planting trees. The terms and conditions of the “Trees for Credit” model were communicated to all […]

What Works: Farming with trees

Most women don’t owe land Although women farmers produce more than half of the food grown in the world—and roughly 1.6 billion women depend on agriculture for their livelihoods—they are often not able to benefit from general agriculture funding because of the institutional and cultural barriers they face—including lack of access to land, lack of […]

addition to community forestry plan

I met Vikash from Microfinance Focus in Bangalore and he is very interested to start a similar project in Jhoskand state We discussed some about the cost of implementation and I came up at the following brake down of costs: Per tree planted: 2Rs for extension worker, one worker per block= 100villages,target 50.000 trees per […]