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I met Vikash from Microfinance Focus in Bangalore and he is very interested to start a similar project in Jhoskand state

We discussed some about the cost of implementation and
I came up at the following brake down of costs:
Per tree planted:
2Rs for extension worker, one worker per block= 100villages,target 50.000 trees per year
    this include cost for information materials and campaign costs
4Rs towards saplings and setting up of tree nurseries
2Rs towards giving soft loans, if needed, for fencing and irrigation
36Rs to pay monthly 3Rs first year to planter
36Rs to pay for maintenance 1Rs a month for 3years there after
2Rs for overheads for administration by village tree club paid over a  4 year period
2Rs for overheads for administration by overall project administration paid over a  4 year period

0.4Rs for tree insurance against disasters

0.4Rs for evaluation
Note that OH are 10% of direct costs (78 Rs + 7.8Rs= 85.8 Rs total)
Conditions apply, like:
– maximum of 200 trees per family (this is a social program!)
– replant all trees which parish
– no mono culture (max. 50% same species plantation, to avoid pests and help biodiversity)
I see 6 kinds of community based tree projects of which the first 5 could fall within our scheme:
– around home and schools etc., for women and children
– for small land owners to plant 1 or 2 acres, preferable food forest (or fruit garden) with reservation for a few homes
– agroforestry: intercropping (mais etc.) with nitrobinding trees
– plant along public roads, possibly without authorisation (“guerilla forestry”), along highways 3 rows of trees are needed to counter dust and noice.
– replanting rainforest and other wild forest
– large scale commercial plantations for biofuel, timber or cash crops

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