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Abel´ story

Report Boralugoda   24th – 26th of January 2012 Last week a delegation of Tree Credits visited the OARM project in Boralugoda. During these three days Abel Swart and Thomas Albers (both from the Netherlands) were taken there by Shantha to give them an impression of what’s been going on there. They made a short […]

comments on solar forestry concept

Nice idea, quite ambitious a project. May be you have to down-size it to its smallest feasible/possible size. To make it more comprehensible you may work out the pilot project in much greater detail. That would present itself finally as a feasibility study. You would select the best possible site. You would inform the local, district government authorities of […]

Tree Credits Seed Fund

  Invest $5000 (Euro 4000) in community tree planting and get very high return for your children, grandchildren and the planet. (target 100 participants) This money will initially plant 5000 trees and help 20 families in the poorest part of rural SriLanka out of poverty. Be an initiator of novel program and help to solve the two major […]

UN aid to protect Sri Lankan forest cover

Saturday, 14 January 2012 The Department of Forests under the Ministry of Environment, with the support of FAO, UNDP and UNEP, took steps towards making forests a major part of Sri Lanka’s strategy to combat climate change through the United Nations UN-REDD programme which assists developing countries to prepare and implement their national REDD+ strategies […]

Trees for Credit:

        Monday, August 02, 2010 12:48:17 PM IST   Trees for Credit: Integrating Environment Sustainability, Livelihoods and Development   Green Harmony       ‘Trees for Credit’ is an innovative program developed and experimented by Green Harmony. The program supports Self Help Groups to start income generation activities by making credit available […]


The minister of Environment and Forests, Mr. Jairam Ramesh, had earlier announced the plans of launching a satellite which would measure India’s greenhouse gas and aerosol emissions. This satellite is scheduled for launch in 2012. Both the satellites would help India achieve important international and domestic goals. India has its own climate change study forum known as the Indian Network for […]

The year in review for rainforests

Rhett Butler, December 28, 2011 India The Indian government announced in February an initiative that will “expand” and “improve the quality” of its forestsas a part of the nation’s National Action Plan on Climate Change. The reforestation plan, dubbed the National Mission for a Green India (NMGI), will expand forests by five million hectares (over 12 […]

Organic farming – India’s future perfect?

Nishika Patel, The Guardian 12th May, 2011 A budding interest in organic food offers farmers soaring incomes and higher yields, but critics say it’s not the answer to India’s fast-rising food demands India’s struggling farmers are starting to profit from a budding interest in organic living. Not only are the incomes of organic farmers soaring […]

Trees outside forests: a missing link in climate change policy

World Agroforestry Centre scientists point out that accounting for trees on farms in climate modelling can help increase the range of climate change adaptation options. “Climate change policies and emerging institutions perpetuate a divide between agriculture and forestry, creating separate rules and incentives to govern each sector. This divide loses sight of agroforestry as a […]