Tree Credits Seed Fund

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Invest $5000 (Euro 4000) in community tree planting and get very high return for your children, grandchildren and the planet.

(target 100 participants)

This money will initially plant 5000 trees and help 20 families in the poorest part of rural SriLanka out of poverty. Be an initiator of novel program and help to solve the two major global problems of our age: poverty and climate change. We give an interest free loan for each tree planted and pay a small amount each month for 10 years for maintenance (enough to repay the loan). See for details. 


Implemented by SEEDS microfinance, the financial arm of the highly respected (Gandhian) Sarvodaya movement.


Your return:

         You help reduce climate change: planting trees is the most cost effective way to lower CO2 content in the atmosphere and trees turn CO2 into valuable wood.

         You will share (25-40%) in the carbon credits generated by the scheme

         You will share (5-10%) in the income generated by plantation crops and eventually in the sale of timber

         These income streams are projected to bring financial independence within 5 years and after 15 years give yearly return equal to your initial investment

         Since this is seed money, you will get a 0.01% share in the returns of the later stages of the scheme which aims to plant one billion trees in SriLanka which might after 25 years give yearly returns equal to your initial investment

         If the scheme is going worldwide as envisioned (we are active in 4 other countries) we will invest there also and returns might be even much higher

         You will know the families you helped as well as the location of the 5000 trees


We offer such high returns because we need the investment to start up the program quickly. Since this is such a novel scheme the projected returns are only our best estimates. So you are taking a risk, but not in the sense that the money will not reach the target group: of the $2 paid per tree during a period of 10 years, $1.60 goes direct to the villagers, $0.20 to the village saving fund, for doing the administration and $0.20 for other overheads, besides small start-up costs and the SEEDS microfinance and community development has a 20 year track record.


FS 25-05-2010

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