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Nice idea, quite ambitious a project. May be you have to down-size it to its smallest feasible/possible size. To make it more comprehensible you may work out the pilot project in much greater detail. That would present itself finally as a feasibility study. You would select the best possible site. You would inform the local, district government authorities of your intent. Then you would draw up/design/map out a physical and spacial plan for the solar forestry plant facility, covering typical physical development stages: from initial land preparation stage, to short, medium  and upto full completed operational stage after x yrs of project implementation time. You will give detailed breakdown of all the expenditures for the development acivities over this period. You will be one more year older from now! Goood luck! Thomas.

Yeh, I thought it for around the new airport in Mattele as a bufferzone with elephant corridors but ……

Jaya said he would arrange with Mahinda……..but nothing.
Anyway this is public /private affair
Other idea is to advertise  for SL expats who want to develop there mother village.

Or Trichy India
It really is a briljant idea to do this project. It works for everybody and everything. You are a man with great ideas, you are a men after my own heart. This project will be good for the people of the villages in Sri Lanka, they can work and can feed there family’s. Everything what is possible to do you have in one project. The trees will be growing by the selfsupporting water and solar system. Everything works together. It will be a good help for our environment. People helps people, people helping plants and nature helps us, solar and water helping people. The children can go to school, they can have medication for as they need, you realy think about everything this way. You even can make the project bigger, so that the people who share’s the plants and trees and give money for the ones who are taking care off it, can go to take a look at there trees. So they can stay in Sri Lanka and other people can make there living by taking care of the visitors. So we help each other a lot and so we help ourselves at the end. When we can do projects like these the world would become a better world. The idea is one, to do it it’s two. I say go, you’ve got my vote!!!!! So the world can be as one and the world can live as one. Let start with projects like this. I will join you.Hope to see more of you in a short time, good luck.
OK I am very impressed so far, I have just read through the synergy concept with solar panels and trees in combination with agroforestry which is a fantastic idea especially when you take into consideration the gradual but ultimate income generated from the trees per acre in combination with the infrastructure benefits of trees (I based my MSc thesis around trees and their infrastructure value). Community involvement is definitely essential for the success of this project as well as gaining public support for it by presenting workshops for the local people to understand the value of the project and the end goals in a manner that they will understand.
So where are you currently at in regards to project planning/implementation? I am offering any help that I can give in regards to research, writing of articles or reports etc just let me know what I can do and how I can help.

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