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Boralesgoda 2009, Nature around Photos treeplanting is from campaign together with local school. Advertisements

Waking the Giant: How a Changing Climate Triggers Earthquakes, Tsunamis, and Volcanoes.

By Bill McGuire Twenty thousand years ago our planet was an icehouse. Temperatures were down six degrees; ice sheets kilometres thick buried much of Europe and North America and sea levels were 130m lower. The following 15 millennia saw an astonishing transformation as our planet metamorphosed into the temperate world upon which our civilisation has […]

To Alleviate Poverty, Biodiversity Conservation is Critical

Sometimes we need a global view to see the big picture. Working in international conservation, I know that nearly all conservation efforts are local. The success of any project or program largely hinges on how well it addresses the needs and constraints defined by a place’s people, institutions and conditions, and how well it engages […]

Tanzania: Paid for Keeping the Forest Alive

BY FINNIGAN WA SIMBEYE, 6 FEBRUARY 2012 ANNUALLY, the country loses an estimated 400,000 hectares of forest cover to logging mainly for energy, and timber used in construction and furniture making. “If we empower communities with skills to protect forests, we will stop deforestation and poverty escalation,” said Dr Felician Kilahama, Director of Forestry and […]


SATURDAY, FEBRUARY 04, 2012 MIT to Harness Nature’s Solar Cells   David L. Chandler, MIT News Office February 3, 2012   Within a few years, people in remote villages in the developing world may be able to make their own solar panels, at low cost, using otherwise worthless agricultural waste as their raw material.   […]

News India leads the world in cleantech investment growth

India leads the world in cleantech investment growth Published : Friday, February 3rd, 2012 By : Business Green  Category : Energy, Policy & Finance Region : Global, India Tags : clean energy, financing, investment, renewable energy, solar, wind   India’s transformation into a cleantech powerhouse moved up a gear in 2011 when it racked up investments of $10.3bn in the sector, a growth rate of 52 per cent year on year that dwarfed the […]