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Toys4Trees concept

Help us to expand the remnants of the old rainforest in SriLanka with 10.000 trees and you secure a heirloom quality, eco and child-friendly wooden toys or gift for Chistmas.

  • parcels direct from factory to consumer
  • group many parcels for Xmas, ship by sea
  • packed and labeled in SL, ready for parcel post.
  • try sizes which fit in a standard mailbox for low distribution costs.
  • payment well in advance = investment
  • for each sale x (often 4!) trees are planted in your name
  • OARM will plant the trees, EDC will do the monitoring
  • Most products will be produced by SriToys.com
  • quality toymaker since 1990
  • all products by young Dutch Designers
  • logistics by ACTI (trading house) and SLSI (forwarding)
  • clearing goods in port by appointed agents
  • administration by SriToys’ accountancy
  • legally the operation will resort under ACTI
  • bankaccount are being opened in receiving countries
  • country 4trees agents formally be importer.
  • marketing by various agents, friendly orgs, e-shopping malls etc. etc.
  • as well as by 4trees marketing unit in SL and by all cooperators
  • a 20% marketing commissions might be viable
  • target “green” families by gmail and social media
  • start with personal networks, so start in NL.
  • a website / webshop with linked address list and autoresponder are preconditions
  • test on Etikl and coolearth ongoing and to be expanded.
  • eco-tea and other tropical commodities will be added to collection soon.
  • also wooden postcards, limited editions designs and personilized items

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