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TREE CREDITSIdea: To reward young farmers with a monthly account pay or with a soft loan, for caring for young trees, standard pay-per-tree system, operate like micro finance and mobile banking, use global crowdfunding for sponsoring, claim carbon credits.Keep the youth in the villages, give them a future!! Wouldn’t it be great if young tree […]

The Funding Landscape

The Funding Landscape Entrepreneurs have quite a few options available when raising capital that generally fall into three categories – Bootstrapping, Debt and Equity.   Funding your business isn’t as easy as saying “I want to speak to investors who will give me a big check for my great idea!”   Even the best ideas […]

Logging of Tropical Forests Needn’t Devastate Environment

Logging of Tropical Forests Needn’t Devastate Environment ScienceDaily (May 10, 2012) — Harvesting tropical forests for timber may not be the arch-enemy of conservation that it was once assumed to be, according to a new study led by a University of Florida researcher. Selective logging may be one of the few feasible options left for conserving […]

A Sustainable Calling Plan Danielle Nierenberg

In addition to hoes and shovels, more and more farmers in sub-Saharan Africa carry another agricultural “tool”: a cell phone. Over the last decade, cell-phone use in Africa has increased fivefold, and farmers are using their phones to gain information about everything from markets to weather. For example, farmers can find out prices before they […]