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As political economist Robert Skidelsky, who comes at this issue from a different angle, observes in the Guardian today:     “Aristotle knew of insatiability only as a personal vice; he had no inkling of the collective, politically orchestrated insatiability that we call economic growth. The civilization of “always more” would have struck him as moral […]

Micro credit vs. micro grants in Sri Lanka

Development workers have debated for ever and a day on whether the best method of alleviating the poverty of the absolutely poor and landless is micro credit or a once and for all micro grant.   Historically Sri Lanka’s experience of taking landless peasants from the densely-populated South Western quarter of the island and settling […]

The doughnut can help Rio+20 see sustainable development in the round

In 2009, Johan Rockström of the Stockholm Resilience Centre brought together some of the world’s leading Earth-system scientists to come up with the concept of planetary boundaries. They identified nine natural processes – including the freshwater cycle, climate regulation, and the nitrogen cycle – which are critical for keeping the planet in the stable state of […]


When talking about the impact of tree planting on climate change in Rwanda’s case, my best example is the areas of Umutara and Bugesera in the Eastern Province. Following the 1994 Genocide against the Tutsi, as the Government of Rwanda tried to resettle returnees and the internally displaced, there was a lot of pressure on […]

What’s Wrong With the Current Climate Change Debate?

What’s Wrong With the Current Climate Change Debate? Reconceptualising the Debate In Moral Terms Posted on May 27, 2012 by Generation Zero We’ve discussed science, politics and economics. Now Tom Cleary adds some moral philosophy into the mix and asks:  why should we care about climate change? Climate change is a scientific fact. However, reducing the negative effects of climate change […]