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World Bank: 4 degrees Celsius warming would be miserable

A new report by the World Bank paints a bleak picture of life on Earth in 80 years: global temperatures have risen by 4 degrees Celsius spurring rapidly rising sea levels and devastating droughts. Global agriculture is under constant threat; economies have been hampered; coastal cities are repeatedly flooded; coral reefs are dissolving from ocean […]

economic, social and political elements of climate change

“The economic, social and political elements of climate change”, .   Abstract If climate change mitigation is a right of humanity and planet Earth, “Global Risk”, as an index – the combined world political, economic, social and warfare risk that is rapidly resulting from the unparalleled planetary ecological degradation with strategic natural-resource scarcity, over pollution […]

`climate smart agriculture`

In Durban, last week the catchword was `climate smart agriculture`, earlier terms like agroforestry, permaculture, food forest and green belt movement were used, all concepts of planting trees for food and income. This climate smart, park like, bio diverse, land use might well turn out to be the major tool in the fight against climate […]

Forests or Agriculture: not necessarily a trade-off

BOGOR, Indonesia (16 October, 2012)_Making informed decisions on how to reduce carbon emissions from forestry and agriculture requires some solid knowledge about potential tradeoffs between development and conservation objectives: what you manage to win through  avoided deforestation or reduced cropping emissions has to be weighed against possible farm income losses when first-best farming strategies have […]

Take Actions For Soils: They Are Crucial For Life!

First Global Soil Week Will Urge Stakeholders To Take Actions For Soils: They Are Crucial For Life! posted on: Thursday, November 15th, 2012 by: Alexander Müller, Assistant Director-General, Natural Resources Management and Environment Department, FAO, Jes Weigelt, Project Leader, Global Soil Forum, Institute for Advanced Sustainability Studies (IASS) Potsdam Political debates on global challenges such […]

Ethiopia: Why Faidherbia Is Considered a Promising Tree?

OPINION At the Durban Climate Change Convention in December 2011, the late Prime Minister Meles Zenawi announced that Faidherbia programme–a government initiative will establish hundred million Faidherbia albida trees on smallholder cereal croplands across the country within the next three years in order to improve the food production and livelihoods of smallholder farmers. This programme […]