economic, social and political elements of climate change

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“The economic, social and political elements of climate change”, .


If climate change mitigation is a right of humanity and planet Earth, “Global Risk”, as an index – the combined world political, economic, social and warfare risk that is rapidly resulting from the unparalleled planetary ecological degradation with strategic natural-resource scarcity, over pollution and contamination, drastic climate change, ozone layer depletion, excessive biodiversity loss, as well as nuclear weapons and waste build-up – needs to be thinned down as a political and economic priority of the world to mitigate both climate change and economic recession.
It proposes a politically viable and integrative policy framework for a new climate treaty beyond Kyoto to unite all nations in a financially feasible way to achieve global scale climate change mitigation; that is, a fundamental shift in policy and tools, of moving out of a cost approach towards a profit-seeking one for the gradual build-up of the “Green Capitalist Economy”, through vital enhancements of the Kyoto Protocol, including capital market instruments such as the “Ecological” stock in the climate change mitigation process within the short term, so that there will be no reason to wait until after 2012 to start profiting within the climate change mitigation process.
With global scale climate change mitigation the world will open an era of Sustainable Development.
The undersigned and author remains available to assist in its implementation.
Vicente Rappaccioli Navas

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