Rainforest Rescue International – Sri Lanka

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Rainforest Rescue International (RRI) is a non-profit organisation based in Galle, Sri Lanka. Established in 2002 by a group of environmentalists to rescue rainforest plants under threat from logging and new developments. RRI works to protect vulnerable environments through ecosystem restoration, development of sustainable livelihoods, education, research and advocacy.

Activities of the organization

To address the many ecological and social issues in Sri Lanka, RRI projects focus on both environmental restoration and education. Whether RRI is training families in organic farming, or running a school programme on forest fauna, RRI empowers communities to manage and protect their native environment. RRI work in the following areas:
– Ecosystem restoration: Mangrove Restoration, Ampara; Village greening; Rainforest Corridor Project
– Developing sustainable livelihoods: livelihood programmes aim to create a strong link between communities and their environment. RRI works on livelihood development in two main areas: small holder farmers and plant nurseries;
– Building nutritional security for families: RRI have helped rural households and schools to establish and maintain vegetable, medicinal and fruit gardens, from which they can supplement their diets with fresh, organically grown vegetables. RRI works with communities to asses their needs; design their vegetable / fruit / medicinal gardens; train them in sustainable farming practices; donate plant and seed packs and equipment; construct gardening areas.
– Education and training: RRI adult training programmes focus on sustainable farming practices. They are tailored to suit the needs of the communities. Each of RRI’s programmes follow the same basic format, using Analog Forestry principles. Children’s education programmes have one major aim to give kids a love for the environment and the skills to help protect it into the future. RRI teaches children how to garden and want them come away feeling like they can make a difference.
– Research: successful programmes are founded on solid research and innovative ideas. Most of RRI’s work is of a developmental nature, with experimentation, monitoring and application of findings integral to each project. RRI uses their research to support and strengthen their work.
– Ecotourism: RRI eco tourism programme promotes Sri Lanka’s natural heritage. All profits are used to support their conservation projects to protect and restore these special places.
– Carbon offsetting: this has been promoted as an essential action for businesses and individuals to help combat climate change. This focus only on carbon, and Projects take a holistic approach towards environmental sustainability by working in three areas: mitigating against climate change, by sequestering carbon; socially, by giving value to landowners who conserve carbon, and supporting farmers in sustainable farming practices; environmentally, by recreating habitat for local biodiversity and enhancing soil and water quality.

169, Matara road,Magalle,
Galle, Sri Lanka
t: +94 91 223 2585
f: +94 91 2223735
email – info@rainforestrescueinternational.org

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