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Scott Jarvis’ story

 It is a long story…I had been down in South America close to three years, and still had barely touched the surface of what is down there, so lots of that continent is still on the bucket list…..After a weird acid trip at Huini Huaynu, thru the Puerta del Sol of Macchu Picchu some 6 […]

Sri Lanka secures UN-REDD ‘critical funding’

Sri Lanka secures UN-REDD ‘critical funding’, aims at FCPF FOREST CARBON ASIA – MARCH, 2012 The UN-REDD Programme during its eight policy board meeting approved US$ 8 million funding for Sri Lanka and Republic of Congo for their National Programmes for Reducing Emissions from Deforestation and forest Degradation (REDD+).   “It’s a new dawn, it’s […]

Keep rainforests – they drive the planet’s winds

Keep rainforests – they drive the planet’s winds 31 January 2013 by Fred Pearce Magazine issue 2902. Subscribe and save WHAT creates the wind? Anyone will tell you that temperature differences are key. Hot air rises and is replaced by cooler air surging in beneath. Except that maybe the explanation found in every textbook is too simple. What […]