Scott Jarvis’ story

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  •  It is a long story…I had been down in South America close to three years, and still had barely touched the surface of what is down there, so lots of that continent is still on the bucket list…..After a weird acid trip at Huini Huaynu, thru the Puerta del Sol of Macchu Picchu some 6 miles, with about 30 international hippies congregated, where all night long I had to hold on to this one fellow’s legs because he was trying to fly off the cliff (sorry for those who have heard this before), I announced I was going to the Madre de Dios to eat mushrooms…I had found a spot on the topographical map which was totally flat there near the river at a place called Puerto Maldonado, and I was sure there would be the ‘sebu’ cattle, the brahma kind, because it would be so warm there, and every flat spot was used for cattle in that region, and the zebu are the ones that eat and carry the Psilocybe cubensis everywhere they go in their stomachs. Six people asked if they could join me, and off we went. At Puerto Maldonado there was one store without food except for canned stuff and rice, nothing else, and sure enough, lots of cattle in the fields nearby. After three weeks of basically eating nothing but mushrooms every day, I got pretty high, wound up telepathic and sensitive beyond where I’d ever been before; everything spoke to me, and I could understand it all. I was given clues about a lost city by first birds up a tree that told me which way to start, then a huge jungle native told me the next steps thru telepathy and eye and hand movements that were somehow totally clear to me. One more clue from a fellow there that spoke Spanish, and I knew where to head, up this river for two days to meet a tribe there who would be able to take us eight days further upstream to show us a two-day walk over some mountains ton where the pre-Incan lost city of Paititi still stood. When I got back to camp and told everyone what was up, four of the others were willing to make the trip…they had seen I was way out there, but kept coming up with right solutions and direction even tho I was out of my mind…magic was happening all around. We made it up the river and found the settlement on an island in the middle of the river, about 80 people in 20 huts, and a big central grassy area…nobody there spoke Spanish, but welcomed us happily…everybody there was partying, I found out it was a girl’s three-day party for her third birthday. They did a dance for us, going under each other’s arms while the tribe grunted a rhythm. Then they sign-signaled that they would like us to do one for them. Three of us spontaneously broke out the song “So Much In Love”, complete with harmony and backup singing….the natives were shocked! I can only imagine that they’d never heard harmony before, perhaps not even melody! They gave us one of the huts to stay in, and accepted us like old friends, although I’m pretty sure we were the first white folk they’d ever seen. After three days or so, the medicine man of the tribe – we hadn’t known of him at all – returned from Cuzco, where he had just learned a little Spanish, so I was able to ask him about the lost city, but he, like so many of the natives of that part of Peru, refused to even talk about it. I figured if maybe we ate Ayahuasca together, he might trust me, but he said there was none nearby, a long trip would be required, and that would be at some future date. So I asked him what does he take for visions when there’s no Ayahuasca, and he pointed to a plant he called Jayapa, or Haiapa (sp?) but said I should be very careful with that plant, drink only a quarter-cup of the tea….welllllll, I drank two cups, felt nothing, drank a third and went totally blind to this world and totally involved with the one coming straight out of my imagination for three and a half days, when In realized I was being loaded onto an airplane heading for the US…my friends thought I had totally lost it finally, and had walked, bussed, taxied, and trained me back to Lima where they had got me a ticket and help to stuff me onto the plane….and so it was that I left South America and wound up in Miami Florida in the middle of Hurricane Agnes, 90-mile-an-hour winds and drenching rain, no money and in deep culture shock.
  • Scott Jarvis I did realize when I came down in the rain that what just happened to me in the last 4 days was a similar state of mind that I had when my girlfriend dosed me with her asthma medicine made of Jimson Weed, with drastic results…I realize now what I to…See

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