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Agroforestry   “Agroforestry involves the intentional integration of trees with other aspects of agriculture,” Baker said. “There’s not only a place for foresters in agroforestry, but also row crop, livestock and even horticultural producers.” Practices Agroforestry concentrates on five main practices: alley cropping, forest farming, silvopasture, riparian buffers and windbreaks. “Alley cropping is the practice […]

agroforestry mission to reward farmers for growing trees and other woody perennials

SONIA’S YET ANOTHER GIFT TO FARMERS Writes to PM to mount a national agroforestry mission to reward farmers for growing trees and other woody perennials NEW DELHI : Congress president Sonia Gandhi has written to the Prime Minister to announce India’s first agroforestry policy and mount a national agroforestry mission to reward the farmers for growing […]

correspondence 16-11-2013 Toba lake agroforestry project

e-mails 16-11-2013 Ferisman Tindaon Nommensen University Jalan Sutomo No. 4A Medan 20234 Indonesia +62614522922 Fax: +62614571426   my background is soil sciences (Bodenkunde) and I am really interested in (agro) forestry, especially in case of problems that we face in Samosir Island (trees, water, drought, agriculture and livestock). Do you have an idea or a […]

SOLAR FARMS integrated rural power plants

1. SOLAR FARMS integrated rural power plants Food, income, water, energy, climate services   1.1 Outline project To install 25 grid tied solar power plants of about 400kW each in 25 villages, with a total of 10MW installed power in thin film solar panels, with a potential to generate a total 20GWh/ year = $2.4mn/ […]