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The Good Group want to help all idealists, working for a sustainable future!

Especially private development initiatives who want less headaches and more impact for the good we call to join and cooperate!

What and how to get the necessary change implemented?

We have been working on this for years and found the (tree) solutions……treecredits

and now the method to get it done as well; if we cooperate……the GoodGame



wants to register all trees that are planted by private initiatives, globally;

to reward those who care for the trees for their climate services,

possibly pay them monthly a small amount per tree.

Thus fighting poverty as well as climate change.


the GoodGame

For maximum impact we plan to use the power of the internet and market forces to reach even the most remote global villager. With a social media platform able to get real projects done, with international group matchmaking, using project/design protocols and wikis to help with planning, funding, managing, monitoring and all. Motored by Volunteers.



To manage all this and also make it a challenging, meaningful experience we plan to make the whole platform including sector apps into an elaborate game. Points, Badges and (integrity!) Scores will be used to guide, reward and safeguard the players.

The people/planet/profit ratings, which will be used to rate all projects within the game, might impact future global development.


Sustainable landscaping

(is an updated versions of traditional agricultural and land-use practices.)


Reforestation and climate-smart landscaping, if done at the right scale (small is beautiful) and if combined with education, might be an ideal way to support and empower women, youth, small farmers, minorities and others in need.

Climate-smart landscapes, if rolled out globally, starting in the Tropics, have the potential to solve all these and many others global problems. A real sustainable landscape produces all raw materials needed like food, climate, water, air, medicine, for construction, transport, energy, etc. while it also serves as a carbon sink to offset emissions elsewhere. Trees play a central role in these biodiverse production landscapes. As do the people who live there!!


Why growing more trees is the basis of a real sustainable Future?

Studying the causes of GHG emissions, the solutions seems clear:

7 field of GHG emissions / sustainable solutions (..% = global share in GHG emissions 2011)

Green House Gasses

% of emissions

GHG emissions






2040 / 2050




1.5 Gigaton

0.3 / -0.1 Gt

Leave the forests to the forest people.

more trees



-0.7 / -1 Gt

if planted 20Bn trees/ year

(according to plan by TC)

food & agriculture


1.4 Gt

0.2 / – 2 Gt

Example: turn 3% of the annual autumn leaf fall and other die-offs into biochar and so enrich the soils.

power & heating


1.8 Gt

0.3 / 0.2 Gt

insulation of buildings, sustainable energy sources



1.0 Gt

0.4 / 0.2 Gt

buy local, work from home or local, use public transport and bikes



1.0 Gt

0.3 / 0.2 Gt

recycle, make planes and cars from bamboo etc.



0.5 Gt

0.2 / 0.1 Gt

use durable methods, green roofs, etc




7.0 Gton carbon

+1.0 / – 3.2 Gt




Could anybody check these figures? I took them from Wikipedia and google images.

Of course the predictions mainly reflect my optimistic nature, it’s just to show what could be possible; once things start shifting, we could not only become carbon neutral, but serve as a carbon sink as well, thus reversing climate change.


All solutions should be rooted in smart education, new policies and smart economics.

And that better education of girls is essential to prevent teen pregnancy and overpopulation,

anyway women empowerment is a precondition for most sustainable development.


To stop deforestation might be most urgent task at hand, since destroying primary forests is an irreversible process of biodiversity loss as well as losing a critical carbon sinks and climate regulators, which could work year in, year out.

By now we managed to clear nearly 2/3 of woods worldwide; I just hear that has been calculated, that 50% wooded land would be the minimum to sustain live on earth for the long term.

The first 3 sectors in the table above are the land based  (the building sector is also part of the landscape).

The current land-use methods account for nearly 40% of GHG emissions; landscapes are special; not only could we make our foodsupply  carbon neutral, forests, agroforestry and climate smart agricultural systems have the potential to store huge quantities of carbon. Considering the role biomass plays in the carbon cycle, trees and climate smart agriculture have the potential to store many times the quantity of carbon, as fossil fuel burning produces (7.0 Gt, 2011).

For instance, to compensate all fossil fuel related emissions (6 Gigaton Carbon) we ‘just’ have to mix 10% of the annual autumn leaf fall (60 Gt) and other plant die-offs as biochar into the soil, and so enrich the soils with permanent carbon.

Reforestation and Climate smart landscaping, if done at the right scale (small is beautiful), might also be ideal to empower the have-nots……..


Landscape #Conservation requires open dialogue among all sectors of society. Similarly for the GoodGoalGroup to succeed and transform the global landscape, we try to offer a framework, a rough guideline for idealists, developers and economist. We should meet, discuss and learn from each other.


Existing conservation and development initiative are invited to join in a search how to best get their kind of project with help of the internet, volunteers and market forces to maximum impact. So when the GoodGame will be in operation, we could build an app for each of them, which all could be incorporated into the game and so plug into the players pull, the automatic administration, controls, integrity checking, project matchmaking, marketing, crowdfunding, a cooperative village Wiki and a library full village scale solutions.

Please contact me


TREE growing is like winning 7x: it’s good for the climate, nature, food, income, well being, water supply and for air quality. #agroforestry

Rojas-Briales: Agroforestry is the quintessence of climate smart agriculture #WCA2014

“agroforestry policy is a unique instrument in that it doesn’t have a stand-alone architecture of its own—except for the mission” #WCA2014


Rural poverty causes a mass exit! #TreeCredits‘ monthly pay for #climate services might provide them an income. #WCA2014


The noxious fog pumped out by polluters’ spin machines wont stop most urgent climate action. …


The truth is that fossils knows they are dead, and wrong, but desperate to ensure that investors know neither.  ssXjwiH1jqwgN1az4dAcZbE1kvgxD

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