Tree Credits, in short

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What is TreeCredits system?
TreeCredits is a system to reward eco-services, like growing trees; to reward anybody who deserves it, globally. We propose a small mainly pay per tree, with a maximum of 1000 trees a person. TreeCredits Foundation conducts trials in India and Kenya, however its primary task is to develop an efficient universal payment and financing system and how to scale it: our ‘modest’ goal is to double global tree cover and raise 2-3 billion marginal farmers out of poverty by 2050.

Why TreeCredits:
N Stern 2009 The 2 essential issues: poverty and climate change, must be solved as one issue.
The tree solution, Trees produce Wood (+Carbon storage) and Income (+ soil, water air, food, self-sufficiency, rain, cooling, health, in short Trees is well being)
This only works if Bottom-up, empowering women, bypassing middlemen like Gov. NGO’s and Banks.

Why NOW? Because it’s possible!
IT and system development brought us a scala of new technologies, to learn from and to combine:
Blockchain to secure transactions and registration
DAO, Dash how to control operation by the users
Microfinance how to use group control + monitoring how to code pro-poor banking software
M-PESA how to distribute money by mobile phone
GPS + photo how to register a location
Satellite pictures to monitor land-use change
AirBnB how to do ratings and self promotion
Serious Games to use attractive reward systems
Wikipedia how to run a “solution wiki” and “location wiki” to cooperate with other groups to build a parallel economy
Design thinking how to design online integrated projects location

Combining these techniques should open new path, an efficient way to reach to the margins of this world and open a venue for all to get some cash income without migrating. And save the climate.

Interested? Pls contact me: srifer at

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