We need a grand vision!

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New technology allows us to change fundamentally the narrative we live, how we organize our world. Enormous opportunities are opening up to steer (even as an individual) the transition underway into a sustainable direction.

Therefore we envision 2 innovative basic services:
PES = payments for ecosystem services; we are working on an online platform to register and support environmental activists worldwide, many kinds of support incl. the potential of a basic income. Also to facilitate green impact investing.
We are developing a holistic tech package for all development organisation worldwide; to enable them to improve transparency and efficiency and to scale up their impact.
In all these project a “swarm of cryptocurrencies” will play a pivotal role to promote mutual cooperation and to build a sustainable, parallel economy.
Tree Coins will be the first of this Swarm.

The function of this Swarm is 2 fold:

First is monetary, the need for more diversity in our fiat domination world of boom and bust. To improve the resilience of the system. To transform the various economies into Ecosystems with a democratically run human Commons.

Second is the lack of reward systems for voluntary Social and Environmental Care and Services.
From caring for the old and sick to cleaning beaches, there are only 2 tastes: either fully paid with fiat money or pure voluntary, costs are paid for if you’re lucky.

Each organisation, group or sector can have its own (volunteer/time or asset) token/ currency and so stimulate its internal activity by using our tech toolboxes. I propose things like: Prizes for PES, a new online lottery.

Interesting is the relation for Basic Income and this much more restricted PES schemes, which would be much more positive and impactful.
But UBI is for the rich and PES for the poor, so you might guess which concept is more promoted!

Same goes for Impact Investors, always looking for the rich to have impact; we will make the tools to make investment in billions small scale projects viable.

What is first needed is a Vision with Hope and Meaning.
Since the fall of Kings and others claiming Divine Power, we have to decide for ourselves, democracy is a hard bargain. Makes us responsible.

Critical thinking without Hope is cynisme, but hope without critical Thinking is naivety. Maria Popova

The Hope I’m talking about here, is that we Hope that we change things for the Good, to do God’s work; that we can give Hope and Inspiration for cooperative action towards an inclusive transition.

Not knowing what will happen and this state of Insecurity is our friend, because of the space it allows, it leaves us room influence change. Hope is to embrace the unknown future which cannot be planned, still be influenced. Like an ecosystem = life cannot be planned, but how you take care of it, determines the way life evolves.

Who can help to write this narrative, the big vision and get the story out and give us Hope. (free to Rebecca Solnit)

Please join my (5Ts) Tree & Tech Transition Think Tank.

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