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Tree Coin TREEZ White Paper

0 Contents: 1 1 Summary TREEZ 1.1 Intro, why cryptocurrencies? 2 1.2 Tree Coin, TCF & ESI, Team 4 1.3 Rooting, the Tree Solution 6 2 Introduction to TreeCoins 2.1 Blockchain potential 7 2.2 Nxt + Ardor + Tangle + Holos 10 2.3 Disbursement scheme 12 2.4 Expenditure and Reserve Fund 13 2.5 Tree Coins […]

Tree Coins White Paper (draft)

0 Contents: 2 1 Summary TREEZ 3 Intro, why cryptocurrencies? Tree Coin, TCF & ESI Rooting Tempo/ Reserve Fund 2 Introduction to TreeCoins 5 Tech matters 5 Disbursement scheme 7 Expenditure and Reserve Fund 9 Tree Coins concept 10 The Tree Solution. Disrupting the “aid” sector 11 what is Rooting? 13 Legal matters, Voting shares […]

Tree Coin White Paper, first draft

0 Contents: 1 1 Summary 2 2 Introduction, how it works 3 3 Team (FS, AI, TC, RF, CJ, RL) 7 4 Why are we unique: 8 Need & Scope 8 Vision, Hope & Inspiration 12 2 strategy (Toolbox, Eco platform) 15 Swarm of currencies 17 Micropayments, organic tangle 18 Push versus pull, Tempo 19 […]

Intro: 5T’s & the need of a vision

New technology allows us to change fundamentally the narrative we live in, how we organize our world. Enormous opportunities are opening up to steer (even as an individual) the transition underway into a sustainable direction; an urgently needed transformation of the existing economy as well as a new parallel online and local economy. As a […]

We need a grand vision!

New technology allows us to change fundamentally the narrative we live, how we organize our world. Enormous opportunities are opening up to steer (even as an individual) the transition underway into a sustainable direction. Therefore we envision 2 innovative basic services: PES = payments for ecosystem services; we are working on an online platform to […]

Tree Credits, in short

What is TreeCredits system? TreeCredits is a system to reward eco-services, like growing trees; to reward anybody who deserves it, globally. We propose a small mainly pay per tree, with a maximum of 1000 trees a person. TreeCredits Foundation conducts trials in India and Kenya, however its primary task is to develop an efficient universal […]

Social banking platform

Social bank /social coin; needed to build a parallel economy Introduction In my quest to have a positive impact on a global scale: how to scale up local sustainable development and how to finance it, the Social Bank and Coin are the more recent, but most essential building blocks to create a highly effective delivery […]

GGG intro

The Good Group want to help all idealists, working for a sustainable future! Especially private development initiatives who want less headaches and more impact for the good we call to join and cooperate! What and how to get the necessary change implemented? We have been working on this for years and found the (tree) solutions……treecredits […]


Agroforestry   “Agroforestry involves the intentional integration of trees with other aspects of agriculture,” Baker said. “There’s not only a place for foresters in agroforestry, but also row crop, livestock and even horticultural producers.” Practices Agroforestry concentrates on five main practices: alley cropping, forest farming, silvopasture, riparian buffers and windbreaks. “Alley cropping is the practice […]

agroforestry mission to reward farmers for growing trees and other woody perennials

SONIA’S YET ANOTHER GIFT TO FARMERS Writes to PM to mount a national agroforestry mission to reward farmers for growing trees and other woody perennials NEW DELHI : Congress president Sonia Gandhi has written to the Prime Minister to announce India’s first agroforestry policy and mount a national agroforestry mission to reward the farmers for growing […]

correspondence 16-11-2013 Toba lake agroforestry project

e-mails 16-11-2013 Ferisman Tindaon Nommensen University Jalan Sutomo No. 4A Medan 20234 Indonesia +62614522922 Fax: +62614571426   my background is soil sciences (Bodenkunde) and I am really interested in (agro) forestry, especially in case of problems that we face in Samosir Island (trees, water, drought, agriculture and livestock). Do you have an idea or a […]

SOLAR FARMS integrated rural power plants

1. SOLAR FARMS integrated rural power plants Food, income, water, energy, climate services   1.1 Outline project To install 25 grid tied solar power plants of about 400kW each in 25 villages, with a total of 10MW installed power in thin film solar panels, with a potential to generate a total 20GWh/ year = $2.4mn/ […]

Solar Forestry

1. SYNERGY SOLAR FARMS Medium sized pv Solar Power combined with community forestry   Lord Nicholas Stern: The two defining challenges of our century are climate change and poverty. And if we fail on one, we will fail on the other. 2009   1.1 SUMMERY To combine the management of small and medium sized solar […]

Towards the Tree solution

Towards the Tree solution Wouldn’t it be great if there was a system where community-based organizations, like from Madagascar, could plug into existing information and money streams for tree planting and climate care? And if there was also a transparent standard, a simple and easy to monitor solution that paid for growing trees, and […]

PSA TreeCredits Trichy project, 100k trees

Note This project report summery dates October 2011;  we are ready to start at short notice, fieldworkers are already approached, tree nurseries started. By now I am used to ask $2 per trees for projects in SriLanka and I see no money reserved for initial software for registration. Initially I planned to work through existing […]

Scott Jarvis’ story

 It is a long story…I had been down in South America close to three years, and still had barely touched the surface of what is down there, so lots of that continent is still on the bucket list…..After a weird acid trip at Huini Huaynu, thru the Puerta del Sol of Macchu Picchu some 6 […]

Sri Lanka secures UN-REDD ‘critical funding’

Sri Lanka secures UN-REDD ‘critical funding’, aims at FCPF FOREST CARBON ASIA – MARCH, 2012 The UN-REDD Programme during its eight policy board meeting approved US$ 8 million funding for Sri Lanka and Republic of Congo for their National Programmes for Reducing Emissions from Deforestation and forest Degradation (REDD+).   “It’s a new dawn, it’s […]

Keep rainforests – they drive the planet’s winds

Keep rainforests – they drive the planet’s winds 31 January 2013 by Fred Pearce Magazine issue 2902. Subscribe and save WHAT creates the wind? Anyone will tell you that temperature differences are key. Hot air rises and is replaced by cooler air surging in beneath. Except that maybe the explanation found in every textbook is too simple. What […]

Rainforest Rescue International – Sri Lanka

Rainforest Rescue International (RRI) is a non-profit organisation based in Galle, Sri Lanka. Established in 2002 by a group of environmentalists to rescue rainforest plants under threat from logging and new developments. RRI works to protect vulnerable environments through ecosystem restoration, development of sustainable livelihoods, education, research and advocacy. Activities of the organization To address […]

Sri Lanka’s rainforests fast-disappearing but hope remains

An interview with Dr. Ranil Senanayake, chairman of Rainforest Rescue International:Sri Lanka’s rainforests fast-disappearing but hope remainsRhett A. Butler, mongabay.comNovember 6, 2006 Reintroduction of concepts of sustainable livelihood key to saving Sri Lanka’s magnificent biodiversity says rainforest expert Sri Lanka, an island off the southern-most point of India, is known as a global biodiversity hotspot […]

Sustainable technologies: finding financing models that work

Provide easy access to credit to make clean technology affordable for people on low incomes in developing countries Poverty reduction and environmental sustainability are sometimes seen as separate issues, but often tackling one also helps to address the other. Take cookstoves for example: dirty but cheap, they can trap people in poverty. Smoke inhalation from traditional cookstoves […]

World Bank: 4 degrees Celsius warming would be miserable

A new report by the World Bank paints a bleak picture of life on Earth in 80 years: global temperatures have risen by 4 degrees Celsius spurring rapidly rising sea levels and devastating droughts. Global agriculture is under constant threat; economies have been hampered; coastal cities are repeatedly flooded; coral reefs are dissolving from ocean […]

economic, social and political elements of climate change

“The economic, social and political elements of climate change”, .   Abstract If climate change mitigation is a right of humanity and planet Earth, “Global Risk”, as an index – the combined world political, economic, social and warfare risk that is rapidly resulting from the unparalleled planetary ecological degradation with strategic natural-resource scarcity, over pollution […]

`climate smart agriculture`

In Durban, last week the catchword was `climate smart agriculture`, earlier terms like agroforestry, permaculture, food forest and green belt movement were used, all concepts of planting trees for food and income. This climate smart, park like, bio diverse, land use might well turn out to be the major tool in the fight against climate […]

Forests or Agriculture: not necessarily a trade-off

BOGOR, Indonesia (16 October, 2012)_Making informed decisions on how to reduce carbon emissions from forestry and agriculture requires some solid knowledge about potential tradeoffs between development and conservation objectives: what you manage to win through  avoided deforestation or reduced cropping emissions has to be weighed against possible farm income losses when first-best farming strategies have […]